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secrecy, the human dress [entries|friends|calendar]

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ugh so i tried doing another lj account but i talked about people dying mostly and I might go back to this one. ummm so I moved a while back but I still live in Tennessee. I've gotten over some mental stuff but my mom still wants me to see a doc. I still work a shitty retail job but I'm makin' it I guess. I feel like I'm going start taking up friends scattered through the country's offers to come visit them(that may take more money though). I have an amazing partner and people who have my back and care for me enough to not let me mope in my comfort zone.

How are ya'll?
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I am the worst livejournal person ever. how are y'all?
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I've totally neglected you. oops. I'll probably make a new journal maybe soon. I dunno.
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I've had allergies or I'm sick or something for the past 2 weeks. I really should see a doctor or something. ugh. My friday night consisted of taking an extremely hot bath and watching a jacques cousteau special about manatees and going to sleep at 12:30.
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PARTIALLY LOCKED. [Sat/04/23/11]

Comment if you want in.

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new stuff...no cuts. [Sat/02/19/11]

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recordsssss no cuts evar! [Sat/02/05/11]

yeah the goblin record is a best of...but shit it's a GOBLIN record.

More issues with the van... more money thrown away...blah blah blah...wanna push it off a cliff.

Doug bought me these records to cheer me up.

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I have such a headache right now.

Doug kind of wrecked his sisters car on tuesday, but it wasn't anything really major and it's all fixed now.

I bought some incense matches and found my old webcam. oh godddd.
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I'm going to Chattanooga when it warms up so i can see my jennie. I miss her dearly.

Can't wait to get my tax returns and get the fuckin van fixed or get a new car.
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no cuts EVAR! [Mon/01/03/11]
This year I'm going to make tons of bad decisions and a few good ones. I'm going to take more time off from work than just my "vacation" period once a year.


I got Doug this:



Doug got me a BIKE. I don't have a camera but it looks a lot like this only red:

Doug surprised me with a new bike!!!!!! I have no camera but it looks almost like this and it’s red with coaster(?) brakes and no gears and I ACTUALLY NEED TO TAKE CARE OF THIS ONE. I never really messed with my old one other than like putting air in the tires. all I cared about was getting from one place to another.  ahhh I’m still excited. sorry yall.

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My boots came in the mail today! They're so comfy and cheap!
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snow snow snow. Traded 47 crappy records to get 2 sabbath, mothers of invention and devo records.

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god i really need to post more on here. So to everybody who still uses this thing, what's new?

as of late i've been x-mas shopping,gift making, and doing a few trades here and there. ..pretty much being a shut in. lol

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october is here!!! [Fri/10/01/10]
Had a pretty productive morning. Doug's sister is letting him borrow her car until we can get the van fixed(again!). We Bought groceries, returned library books and cleaned a little.

There a girl I follow on tumblr and I went to her etsy shop and saw that she made a necklace out of a big turquoise stone and little lava stones. The exact opposite of what I bought yesterday. I had a bizarro moment. What's the opposite of a pretty necklace? an ugly anklet or belly chain? OH GOD that would look so awful.
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long time no update I know. [Thu/09/30/10]
It's hoodie weather again. It was like 87 degrees all last week. So happy!

hung out in jc today. My buds lindsay and dustin just moved there, but I didn't have their address and no way of calling them. booo!
Got some sweet beads, a big lava rock and some leetle turqoise ones and skull shaped ones.
Used my sam's club card(i guess it's the same thing as costco or whatever) for the first time ever and bought 40 pounds of cat litter, huge bag of bread, 26 pack of mountain dew, and like 300 dryer sheets. oh crap I'll have soft clothes for like 6 months now. haha

later boners
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Uggghhhhh so today is day 5 of my 10 days in a row at work.
This weekend was pretty fun though. Bike rides and playing four square and hanging out with tt and marcus (two of the best people in the whole wide fucking world) and putting up with me making fun of 2012.
I miss Jennie hangouts too. :/ Maybe I'll make it down to Chattanooga sometime this summer, I've never been there before.

I've been looking for things to make a bag similar to this, but less bulky

I found an old backpack(for the straps), and pieces of an old pair of jeans I cut up. I need a zipper. this would be so much easier if I knew how to use a sewing machine anymore.

Getting a (supposedly) mega package next week with an Impetigo shirt that I'm more than extremely excited about.
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Writer's Block: Vacation, All I Ever Wanted [Fri/05/21/10]
Would you rather be pampered at a luxurious beachside resort or visit exotic cities and learn as much as possible about the local culture and people?

See, the thing with getting pampered is that sooner or later you're going to feel resentful that your life isn't always like that, like you are entitled to it. I think it's better to get out of your comfort zone. Discover things. Learn something.
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I got asked to join a roller derby team possibly popping up here. I'm not really sure why, since Johnson City has one, but a team here would mean I wouldn't have to worry about transportation. eep. I haven't rollerskated in about 9 years.

I broke down and bought new workout clothes. Paid about 20 bucks for shorts, tank top/sports bra combo. No more little pink shorts, baggy "Intercourse, PA" t-shirt, and too-tight sports bra for me.
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Writer's Block: Pet central [Mon/05/03/10]
Some animal rights activists are fighting to replace the term 'owner' with 'guardian' to convey a more balanced relationship between a person and her or his pet. Do you agree or disagree with the importance of this mission?

If these people knew anything about pets they'd know that THEY OWN YOU.
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